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Harvey Weinstein rape accuser told him ‘I love you’ in emails released by mogul’s defence

Harvey Weinstein rape accuser told him ‘I love you’ in emails released by mogul’s defence

Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein’s defence team has released 40 emails from one of his accusers as evidence, in the letters, a rape accuser told Mr Weinstaein ‘I love you’, BBC said.

That woman, whose alleged rape by Weinstein in 2013 resulted in charges of rape in the first degree, rape in the third degree and predatory sexual assault, wrote in the emails that Weinstein ‘is the bar’ for the movie industry and comments on his ‘smile and beautiful eyes. The high-powered celebrity lawyer Brafman made an unexpected move, showing a bunch of emails from rape accuser, in which the woman writes she loves Weinstein and repeatedly sought to meet with him.

Two weeks later, the woman wrote to accept Weinstein’s invitation to bring her mother along for a drink, saying:

‘She would love to meet you, plus you can see how good my genes are.’

Benjamin Brafman who representing Mr Weinstein produced a selection of emails from 400 communications between Weinstein and the loving woman. Such an exchange of more than 400 warm, complimentary and solicitous emails with an alleged rapist for more than four years after the alleged rape, never once in those 9 communications claiming to have ever been harmed by Mr.Weinstein, says the lawyer.

The woman was obsessed with Harvey Weinstein

The October scandal with Harvey Weinstein in its epicentre made him keep the lawyer team, which is defending the Hollywood mogul. The 159-page motion presents details from more than 400 emails between Mr Weinstein and the accuser, sent between April 2013 and February 2017, the lawyers say.

The alleged rape took place on 18 March 2013. The woman alleges Mr Weinstein trapped her in a New York City hotel room and forced himself on her. His defence says the emails continued after this date. “I hope to see you sooner rather than later,” she wrote on 11 April 2013, followed by “I appreciate all you do for me”, sent the next day.

“I love you, always do,” she wrote on February 8, 2017. “But I hate feeling like a booty call. :)”

A footnote in the lawyers’ document reads:

“This [motion] is not to ignore that rape can occur in relationships such as an abusive marriage or where the parties have been dating each other for a time.”

The woman has not commented on her emails to Weinstein, there was no statement as well.