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Hawaii Hepatitis A cases up to 74; vaccine being redistributed

Hawaii Hepatitis A cases up to 74; vaccine being redistributed

The State Epidemiologist Dr. Sarah Park from the Hawaii State Department of Health (DOH) supplied with the updated info regarding the Hepatitis A outbreak. According to the latest data, there’s 74 confirmed case of Hepatitis A, which is 22 new cases more in comparison with the last week figures.

Hawaii DOH noted, that 74 Oahu residents are infected with Hepatitis A, two of them live on the islands of Hawaii and Maui but they visited Oahu during their exposure period. According to the DOH info, 26 of 74 people have been hospitalized. The onset of the disease ranges from June 12 to July 14. Dr. Sarah Park explained:

“However, persons who have consumed food or drink products from these businesses during the identified dates of service should contact their healthcare provider for advice and possible preventive care.”

A problem is the slow supplying with the medicines of local pharmacies on Oahu, says DOH official. Important Hepatitis A vaccine and are either having to redistribute on the island or get additional supplies from the mainland. A single dose of single-antigen Hepatitis A vaccine gives some protection against the illness if administered within the first two weeks after exposure, remind doctors.