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More heart attacks on cold days

More heart attacks on cold days

The latest studies show that the cold days are a dangerous time for the people with the coronary diseases. More heart attacks on cold days, say the researchers from the Lund University. Influenza and other winter infections also raise the chances of a heart attack.

Earlier, the medics have already pointed to the danger of myocardial infarctions rising in the cold days, journal Heart in 2009 describes this theory. Eight years after, Moman A. Mohammad and colleagues at Lund University decided to deepen the research.

The scientists have used data from all Swedish coronary care units for a 16-year period. The number of myocardial infarctions among 9-10 mln population of the country amounted to a little upwards of 280,000. After comparison of the data, the researchers concluded that the myocardial attacks linked to the local meteoconditions.

Heart attack in cold days

More cold days mean more heart attacks

More people suffer heart attacks when the temperature is below 0° Celsius than when it is over 10° C. There are also more cases when it is windier, less sunny or the humidity is higher. These latter three are of course chill factors.

After comparison the figures for various regions of Sweden and for different groups of patients – for instance, the elderly or diabetics. The temperature drops appeared to have the same effect for all. Moreover, influenza and other winter infections also raise the chances of a heart attack. Cold weather can also make us more sedate or eat richer foods.