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Helsinki police expect a protest on the day of Biden’s visit.

Helsinki police expect a protest on the day of Biden’s visit.

Police in the Finnish capital were informed of two protests on the day of US President Joe Biden’s visit, public broadcaster YLE reported on Tuesday.

Biden’s Nordic Summit will be held in Helsinki on July 13.

According to Finnish law, the organizers of protests, demonstrations, and other mass events are required to inform law enforcement agencies about them in a notification procedure.

“By Tuesday morning, the Helsinki police had been informed of two demonstrations that would take place on Thursday, July 13, during the visit of US President Joe Biden to Finland,” the statement said.

One of the events is against US actions in general, where about 10 participants are expected, they also previously opposed vaccination against coronavirus, the report specifies.

Another measure is against the deployment of NATO bases in the country, where up to 60 participants are expected.

The police informed about serious restrictions in the movement of vehicles in the center of the Finnish capital, as well as possible temporary blocking of traffic on the streets, which can take up to 40 minutes.


Due to Thursday’s summit, several streets and districts in central Helsinki will be closed, police said.