Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston’s affair is going on. Photos on the beach, romantic pics with their moms and nephews — most of the fans doesn’t believe in this too-sweety-picture, indeed. The whirlwind romance looks like PR-action, too publicized one. And if you can dig a bit deeper, you can read about plans of Swift.
The singer Taylor Swift is ready to release her new album in August or September, that’s why she needs now more attention than usual she has. And handsome and gifted Tom Hiddleston is a very positive guy to be Tay’s current boyfriend. In other words, after releasing the next Swift’s album, their urgent romance will die, experts say.

Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift: the cutest moments

Hiddleswift has no future or this affair is real love — that are main topics in recent social network conversation. Time will show, August or September is very close. Meanwhile, enjoy the romantic photos of Hiddleswift.