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Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump: more details on their health

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump: more details on their health

The US presidential candidates shared details on their health. The incident with Mrs. Clinton on 9/11 arose many questions, so both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton decided to calm down the electorate. The Election Day is very soon, so it’s time to be as clear as possible.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are sharing the details regarding the health. The Republican nominee chose to show the public that part of the medical history, which says that he was overweight and taking a cholesterol-fighting drug. His rival Hillary Clinton elaborated on the circumstances that caused pneumonia, the doctors say she “is doing well” now.

Physician Dr. Lisa R. Bardack has published a letter on the site of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. In a letter she informs public on the process of recovering Hillary Clinton and course of antibiotics. Dr. Bardack assured that:

“She continues to remain healthy and fit to serve as president of the United States.”

Donald Trump taped an appearance on Dr. Mehmet Oz’s daytime television. The Republican candidate had a conversation on his health, Trump told the results of a physical last week, a short clip from this TV program was released by the show’s publicists a bit later.