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Hillary Clinton emails exceed top secret, faces new scrutiny

Hillary Clinton emails exceed top secret, faces new scrutiny

The last has not been seen about Hillary Clinton email scandal, as new discoveries are emerging. The emails on the former Secretary of State’s private server contained national security information classified at some of the highest levels, according to a new review by a government watchdog. According to the New York Times, a letter from Intelligence Community Inspector General Charles McCullough finds that Mrs. Clinton’s email trove contains a type of highly classified intelligence information beyond “top secret,” referred to as “special access programs” or SAP. That designation is reserved for information shared on a need-to-know basis to protect intelligence sources, military operations or other highly sensitive government information.

Clinton knew more than she ought to?

Hillary Clinton, a Democratic presidential candidate, has been enduring scrutiny for her use of personal email as secretary of state. Access to SAP intelligence is restricted to an absolute minimum because of its high sensitivity. “Unless otherwise authorized by the President, only the Secretaries of State, Defense, Energy, and Homeland Security, the Attorney General, and the Director of National Intelligence, or the principal deputy of each, may create a special access program,” the executive order signed by President Obama read.

New discoveries may hunt Hillary

McCullough’s letter was reportedly sent to leaders of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, as well as the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the inspector general of the State Department. Clinton has witnessed her favorability and honesty scores erode as she receives criticism for her use of private email to conduct government business at the State Department.

Clinton denies receiving classified information

In response to the email scandal, Mrs. Clinton’s campaign has said that no information in her emails was marked classified at the time it was sent. A review is on-going by the FBI and several inspectors general to determine whether some of that information should have been marked classified.