Today: Sunday, 21 April 2024 year

Hillary Clinton endorsed by Flint Mayor

Hillary Clinton endorsed by Flint Mayor

Hillary Clinton has added another feather to her cap of endorsements, just as Karen Weaver, the Democratic Mayor of Flint, Mich., endorsed for president on Tuesday morning. According to USAToday, the mayor of Flint, is in Washington, D.C., trying to get a meeting with President Obama, but she took time out on Tuesday to endorse her pick for the next occupant of the Oval Office. “I want Hillary,” Mayor Karen Weaver said in a conference call with reporters. “She has actually been the only, the only candidate, whether we’re talking Democratic or Republican, to reach out and talk with us about, ‘What can I do? What kind of help do you need?’ ” “We want a friend like Hillary in the White House.”

Hillary and Sanders call for Snyder resignation

During Saturday’s Democratic presidential primary debate, both Clinton and Bernie Sanders called for the resignation of Michigan’s Republican governor, Rick Snyder. The Flint water crisis has received national attention, turning the Michigan city into a household name and getting the attention of celebrities.  Weaver’s declaration of support also comes less than two months before the state’s primary elections. The Flint water crisis where thousands of residents have been exposed to toxic amounts of lead, was declared a state of emergency by President Obama two days ago.

Sanders threatening Hillary’s lead

Three weeks before the New Hampshire presidential primary, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont has broken into a lead. In a poll of likely Democratic voters, Sanders has risen to a 27-point lead over former secretary of state Hillary Clinton. According to the poll, Sanders’s lead over Clinton in New Hampshire has ballooned by 17 points, 60% to 33%, since the same poll found the Vermont senator holding steady at 50% to Clinton’s 40% in early December.

The gains of last democratic debate

There are divided opinions as to who won the last Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. Little is considered of the threat that Martin O’Malley pose for the two leading candidates as polls are awfully close in Iowa and New Hampshire. The New Hampshire and Iowa caucuses will have a very important effect on the campaign of the former secretary of state.