Today: Friday, 1 March 2024 year

Hillary Clinton fights to grab Tennessee’s vote

Democratic party’s front-runner, Hillary Clinton, was present on Friday at a university in Nashville, as she tries to snatch a victory in Tennessee, state considered safe for the GOP next November, says The Tennessean.

Hillary Clinton appeared in front of 1,000 people at the Fish University in Nashville on Friday and her speech made those present cheer her up for minutes, especially after Clinton promised to raise the minimum wage, combat climate change, pursue gun control and fight for equal pay for women, confirms the same source.

Donald Trump wasn’t ignored

The Democratic candidate spoke for only 30 minutes, but she said all she needed to say, having time even to take a swing at her prime rival, Republican Donald Trump. “Part of why we are great already, Mr.Trump, is because we have the most unusual ability to bring people here and turn them into Americans. We’ve had such extraordinary success. And here Mr. Trump has attacked Mexican immigrants. He’s attacked women. And now he’s attacking Muslim Americans. At some point you have to ask yourself, ‘Is that the kind of country we are?’ We’re smarter than that.”, stated Hillary Clinton.

It was Hillary Clinton’s first campaign stop in Tennessee, a state in which her husband Bill Clinton was the last Democrate to have majority of votes for presidential election, in 1996, On Friday she even opened up the economy subject, suggesting that Obama deserves more credit than he’s gotten for improving the “financial abyss” he inherited from President George W. Bush and that under Democratic leadership, U.S’ economy will prosper.

A focus on the middle class

“The centerpiece of my economic plan is to raise incomes for hard working middle class families so you can get ahead again. That starts with raising the minimum wage, because nobody who works full time should be living in poverty.”, said Hillary Clinton, according to The Tennessean.

Clinton had two allies that made sure to put her in a good light in Nashville, U.S. Rep. Jim Cooper and Mayor Megan Barry. “We know how important the federal government is and the crucial role they play in urban cities, And I know that Hillary Clinton will be a president who gets it.”, stated Barry, a mayor who is well-known for her desires to expand prekindergarten, reduce gun violence in cities and increase transit options.

Cooper, Nashville’s congressman, said there is no candidate with more experience for the Oval Office than Clinton and she is the obvious choice. “She is our friend and our neighbor. And let’s face it folks: Who’s going to vote for one of those crazy Republicans? Donald Trump? Give me a break.”

Regarding her plans over annihilating ISIS, Clinton said that the terrorist threat is one that she takes very seriously. “I was a senator from New York on 9/11. I have seen what happens when evil and hatred is unleashed. So, I will spare no effort, but let’s be smart about it. Yes, we do have to defeat ISIS from the air, on the ground and online, Remember, terrorism is not connected with religion. It is connected with a violent, fanatic fringe … I remember when Timothy McVeigh, a homegrown terrorist, blew up the federal building in Oklahoma City. We have to be on alert against all of these people.”

Following her speech Friday, Clinton attended fundraiser at the Nashville home of businessman Bill Freeman, a prominent Democratic donor in Tennessee and a recent candidate this year for mayor of Nashville, confirms The Tennessean.