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Hillary Clinton gains national unions support

Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton has won the endorsement of more than a dozen national unions, representing more than 10 million members. But not all members support her to be the next leader at the White House, says Newsweek.

Bernie Sanders is also a popular candidate

Despite the fact that Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton has assured the support of most national unions, many rank-and-file union members remain drawn to Sanders, confirms the same source. On the other side, Bernie Sanders has gain the support of just two unions, for about 385,000 members.

Even though U.S  labor movement has suffered some blows in recent years, unions support is very important as they still represent millions of people, which translates in just as many votes.

Hillary Clinton has the biggest chances of becoming the Democrat candidate

Although many important members have shown their support towards Sanders, is unlikely that Hillary Clinton will have any kind of problems winning the Democratic nomination. According to Reuters, her overwhelming lead over Sanders has widened in recent weeks, but the passion gap indicates Clinton has more work to do in earning union workers’ votes.

A good example is IBEW, that has held off from endorsing a presidential candidate, after a letter-writing campaign from union members who wanted to buy more time for Sanders to woo members and build momentum, says the same source.

Hillary Clinton is supported by multiple organizations

American Federation of Teachers and the machinists’ union have given their support to Hillary Clinton, but that made tensions appear within members. The Service Employees International Union, representing 2 million workers including nurses, janitors and other service workers has assured its support to the Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, but some of SEIU’s local units have endorsed Sanders.

Same at American Postal Workers Union and Roemer’s union, the National Nurses United. But Clinton can count on some friendships with unions leaders, such as AFT’s Randi Weingarten and Tom Buffenbarger of the machinists. SEIU president Mary Kay Henry stated that Clinton seems more electable in a general election than Sanders, and that’s why he’s giving the endorsment to her.

“I think the GOP will get it together and nominate a sane person, and the general will be tough. We are going to need everyone pulling in the same direction next fall.”, said Steve Schale, a Democratic strategist. He’s convinced that the Republican party will not elect Donald Trump, so the battle will be rough for the unions votes in the general election campaign.

Ed Montgomery, former deputy secretary of labor under Bill Clinton, said Clinton needs to win over organized labor. “She needs them to come to her side, and enthusiastically.”, stated Montgomery, quoted by Reuters.

But Anna Greenberg, another Democratic strategist, believes that debates iwithin unions will end by the time general election campaign starts, as their desire is to elect a Democratic candidate. “People in the labor movement are highly motivated around winning this presidential election.”, said Greenberg, according to the same source.