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Hillary Clinton keeps her “wild card” away from reporters

Hillary Clinton keeps her “wild card” away from reporters

It’s been a while since Republican candidate Hillary Clinton stated that her husband and “not-so-secret weapon.”, Bill Clinton, will be active in her campaign, but since then, the former President has been really quiet in public, says The Washington Post.

During his wife’s campaign swings through Iowa and New Hampshire, Bill Clinton hadn’t had much time alone with the press. It looks like Hillary Clinton’s aides took the decision to shut down Bill’s chit-chat allergy.

Sanders is getting closer and closer

This could be linked with the fact that Bernie Sanders is closing up on the former Secretary of State, so the margin for errors is very slim. If you remember, during his wife’s campaign eight years ago, Bill Clinton stated that the current President, Barack Obama, was “playing the race card”. According to the same source, that statement angered black voters.

On Wednesday, in a rally in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton’s husband spoke with the press and voters, but he was very reserved when it came to answering questions about Sanders and Republican front-runner Donald Trump. “I’m not going there. I came here to tell people why I thought Hillary should be president and her ideas are better.”, said Bill Clinton, quoted by The Washington Post.

Another Clinton doesn’t sound good for Mr. Sanders

Sanders has denounced his rival’s policies on trade, same-sex marriage, crime and welfare cuts, that’s why a counterattack was expected. “People don’t have a long memory, but Bernie’s doing his best to remind them. People don’t want a recycling of Bill Clinton’s presidency. They want somebody who’s willing to stand up to the billionaires and corporate power.”, said Roger Hickey, a co-director of the liberal Campaign for America’s Future, according to the same source.

Hillary Clinton declared just last month in a debate that she’ll not hesitate to ask for her husband advice when it comes to economic issues. “He carries a message of peace and prosperity under his presidency and I think a lot of Americans would like to get back to those days”, said Clinton in an interview on NBC’s “Today Show” on Wednesday.

Bill Clinton considers that he was a good president

On Wednesday in New Hampshire, Bill Clinton spoke about the economic growth under his administration. Still, earlier this year, the former President admitted that he made some mistakes in his time at the White House. “I signed a bill that made the problem worse. And I want to admit it.”, said Bill Clinton, referring to the 1994 crime bill, which led to tougher sentencing for drug offenses.

He also walked voters through Hillary Clinton’s policy priorities, praising his wife’s plans as possible President. “Whatever I say about Hillary’s plans, you’re entitled to give it a little discount. But I ought to get some credit for knowing something about how to run the economy.”, said Bill Clinton, according to The Washington Post. But some words about Bernie Sanders were spoken on Friday, in Iowa.

Bill Clinton criticized Sanders’s view on Obamacare, as the Vermont Senator supports a single-payer health care system. “We still need to live in the reality-based world.”, Clinton told voters, says the same source.