Today: Tuesday, 5 March 2024 year

Hillary Clinton: New State Department Emails Unveil the Truth About Benghazi Attack

During the 11-hour hearing on Benghazi Attack, Hillary had endured to answer all the questions with confidence. However, a set of newly released emails containing conversations of the former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, contradicts with her testimony on Benghazi Attack.

One of Hillary’s statements signifying inconsistencies was her relationship with Sidney Blumenthal.

Surrounding the issues relating to the emails that were sent by Blumenthal, Hillary testified to the committee that Blumenthal is a friend who provides information that could be useful. Blumenthal did not hold any position in the government and Clinton also informed the committee that he was never her adviser on Libya.

However, the newly released emails dated February 2011 are strong proofs to disqualify Hillary’s statements.

The email shows Blumenthal is an advocate of no fly zone and writes, “U.S. might consider advancing tomorrow. Libyan helicopters and planes are raining terror on cities.” Hillary then re-echoed the idea to her deputy staff, Jake Sullivan.

Clinton has adopted the idea of no fly zone, after receiving an email, back in March 2011 from the British Prime Minister Tony Blair who also supported the no fly zone policy. There was no problem in getting support from the White House, in the end she advocated for no fly zone.

A stronger case against Hillary’s testimony was the found in another email from March 5, 2015 when Blumenthal acted as one of the intelligent circles, with the role of intermediary to gather information. The content of the emails centered on the political disorder in Libya after the dictator Muammar Qaddafi was removed from power, BBC reports.

To support this claim, the evidence was found in the one-page document written by Blumenthal telling Hillary that Jonathan Powell, a former senior British government adviser to Blair, “is trying to replicate what we did in Northern Ireland by setting up secret channels between insurgents and government, and then, where appropriate, developing these negotiations.”

The emails clearly weakened Hillary Clinton’s testimony that Blumenthal was “not at all my adviser on Libya.”