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Hillary Clinton responds to latest Donald Trump attacks

Hillary Clinton responds to latest Donald Trump attacks

The battle between the two front-runners for the Republican and Democratic parties, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, intensifies. In the same time, the attacks coming from Mr. Trump intensify as well, the Republican’s questioning Hillary’s commitment to women’s rights, considering her husbands past affairs and sexual misconduct.

Like expected, Hillary Clinton had to respond to this, but his approach was made with calm, claiming that this type of attacks “didn’t work before, won’t work again.”

Donald Trump digs up the past

Trump’s campaign posted an Instagram video, comparing Mrs. Clinton’s 1995 speech on women’s rights, from Beijing, with a few photos will Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, the intern he is accused of having an affair with.

“If he wants to engage in personal attacks from the past, that is his prerogative. You know, so be it,” Hillary Clinton said on “Face the Nation,” claiming that if Republicans are focusing just on personal attacks, she will center her attention on totally different issues, like minimum wage or equal pay.

“There are very clear distinctions. He can say whatever he wants about me. Let the voters judge that,” she added. “But I am not going to let him or any of the other Republicans rip away the progress that we have. It has been too hard fought for. And I am going to stand up and make it clear there is a huge difference between us.”

Is this a correct move from the Republican?

What’s interesting is that Hillary Clinton did not commented to whether the sexual scandal in which her husband was involved is fair to be used in the presidential election, since he is not on the ballot. Also, Bernie Sanders, Hillary’s biggest rival in the Democratic race, said that he is running against her, not Bill Clinton.

“It has been fair game going back to the Republicans for some years,” the former secretary of state said. “They can do it again if they want to. That can be their choice as to how to run in this campaign. Didn’t work before, won’t work again.”

Bernie Sanders, Mrs. Clinton rival, doesn’t have the President’s support

During an interview taken at a fire station in Chappaqua, New York, this Sunday morning, Hillary Clinton aimed at Bernie Sanders and the guns issue. Her campaign was looking forward to do this ever since President Barack Obama said that he won’t support a candidate who doesn’t agree with his common-sense gun reform.

Bernie Sanders responded that he is willing to change a law he voted for, giving immunity to gun manufacturers, but for Hillary Clinton, this is not enough.

“That is not what I want and that is not what the country wants and that is no what President Obama called for,” she said, quoted by CNN Politics. “I think he has been consistently refusing to say that he would vote to repeal this absolute immunity from any kind of responsibly or liability.”