Today: Tuesday, 23 April 2024 year

Hillary Clinton Says Yoga Helped Her Survive the Marathon Benghazi Hearing

Hillary Clinton, the former first lady and secretary of state had to endure a marathon grilling for 11 hours on the Benghazi attack a few days back. To her credit, Hillary was able to come out largely unscathed at the grilling.

But it was very taxing still, both physically and mentally. She was seen flexing her muscles when she walked out from the committee hearing on Thursday evening. Mrs. Clinton didn’t stop to speak to reporters while walking out, though a large crowd of reporters and photographers were waiting to see her exit.

Yahoo News yelled out to Clinton, asking her how she had the stamina to get through the hearing. Clinton responded by flexing her biceps. Yahoo then asked Clinton whether her yoga routine helped her survive the testimony. “Yes. Yes. Yoga always helps”, she said while departing. She was seen grinning while giving this cheeky reply.

Hillary is known to be very keen about yoga. Last year, Clinton told People that she is regularly into water aerobics and yoga. The New York Times also reported on her stamina-building practice, citing friends who said that she had more energy and was practicing yoga while spending more time on her physical fitness.

Among other talents, leading US politicians must have a lot of stamina too. Running for the presidency also takes a lot of toll on the body. The Benghazi hearing wasn’t easy as well, as a negative result would surely have jeopardized Clinton’s chances.

Clinton, the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination, began testifying at about 10 in the morning. She did not leave until over 11 hours later.

Hillary is right about yoga. It has been shown to make people more productive, less stressed and generally happier.