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Hillary Clinton still running for mayor of New York City

Hillary Clinton still running for mayor of New York City

Hillary Clinton was born to be a person of politics, even the crushing defeat in the US presidential election 2016 didn’t break this woman. She took a time out and thinks run again, this time, for mayor of New  York City.

Hillary Clinton, the world famous democrat, is reportedly jumping back into politics, the ex-nominee for President is running now for another responsible and solid position, a New York City mayor. Last month, Mrs Clinton was “talking to people in her close circle” about the prospects of another campaign in New York while a gathering with “some politically connected people” in a Big Apple.

Probably, smart and proactive Hillary is not only ‘thinking’ about the mayor’s chair, she is doing a lot of things, making the solid basement for her new campaign. But she does it quietly, and the public will know about it a bit later.

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The new report confirms the former Democratic presidential candidate will become a possible candidate to challenge current NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio. Despite all suggestions, Mrs Clinton has not ruled out a mayoral run and her team is currently gauging interest.

In January, the poll showed that residents of New York don’t especially welcome the idea of Clinton as a mayor (Bill De Blasio is so handsome, of course!), and the statistics reported that ex-State Secretary was “50-50” regarding jumping into the race. The official date when the New York people will choose new mayor is November 7, 2017, and for Hillary, it is more than enough time to build a strategy and to charm the electorate.