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Hillary Clinton takes out both Trump and Cruz on NBC

Hillary Clinton takes out both Trump and Cruz on NBC

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is currently leading the race for the Democratic nomination with an impressive number of votes over her competitor, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, and a lot of people consider her the only one who can stop Donald Trump.

It’s obvious that Mrs. Clinton is aware of the advantage she has and does everything she can in order to exploit the momentum and show everybody, especially Republicans, that, from a lot of points of view, she might be the best options the United States have.

Speaking about Republicans, Hillary Clinton showed why the two candidates for the GOP nomination, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, should fear her, during an interview on NBC’s Meet the Press.

She shoots, she scores

Mrs. Clinton simply took out the two Republicans with one shot, after host Chuck Todd asked her about one campaign ad, considered by many the first one of the general election, in which she is targeting Donald Trump.

When the host claimed that she is already considering her as the Democratic nominee and moving on to the next step of her campaign, Hillary Clinton‘s response was, apparently, what her voters wanted to hear.

“Well, certainly I haven’t moved on. I know that I still have work to do to win the nomination, and I’m going to keep reaching out to every voter, everywhere in these remaining contests. But I also think it’s important to draw some pretty clear lines between what I think most Americans, and certainly what I know most New Yorkers believe about who we are as a people, what the values of our country are, against some of what we’re hearing from the other side.”

Killing two birds with one stone

Still, this was just the warm-up, as Ms. Clinton threw the final hit, at both Trump and Cruz immediately.

“And, you know, it’s both Donald Trump, as we are well aware, but also Ted Cruz. I know he made a critical comment about New York values some months back. So I want to really hold up the importance of New York and what we stand for.”

Host Chuck Todd mentioned that in the ad they were talking about, Hillary Clinton included footage of a Trump supporter coldcocking a protester and he admitted of being surprised about her decision to amplify that image.

“Because I was horrified by it, Chuck, and I think most Americans were horrified by it. When you, as I’ve said before about Donald Trump’s appearances, his rhetoric, his demagoguery, when you incite violence, you are acting like a political arsonist.”

Of course, Hillary Clinton criticized Trump’s attitude towards violence as well.

Trump’s attitude is not appropriate for a presidential candidate

“We don’t condone violence. We don’t say we’ll pay the legal fees of people who punch other Americans, who are protesting, attending an event. That is just not appropriate behavior when you’re running for president,” she said, according to Politicus USA.

There’s no doubt that republicans should be terrified after hearing these statements, after she took both Republican favorites down. Also, what we should be aware of is that while Republicans are trying to decide which of the two candidates is the worst, Hillary Clinton considers them more or less the same. Let this sink in.