Today: Sunday, 3 March 2024 year

Homeland Security Boss Says Go For The Holidays

Homeland Security Boss Says Go For The Holidays

In a statement to the public, Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh C. Johnson said that Americans should not worry about terrorism and to go about their holiday plans as normal.

Johnson, an Obama appointee, has been holding down the fort during these rough times, making sure that things are safe and secure in the US. The amount of pressure and responsibility must be astronomical considering the massacres going on worldwide and the mounting threats of attacks from ISIL and other terrorist groups.

The Secretary must feel quite confident in his resources to state such to the public, but he also emphasized the need to keep vigilant, regardless. All this is to make things as safe as possible during the Thanksgiving and the shopping frenzies that abound this time of year.

The holidays are a tempting target for terrorists with people bunching up in great hordes at shopping centers, sporting events, holiday events, and concerts. Jamming planes and trains and highways would make for a field day should the terrorists choose to go for the mass crowd killings they’ve engaged in overseas.

Johnson has his work cut out for him. With growing pressure against the Obama Administration’s immigration policies, a word of confidence may fall on deaf ears or bring much needed support from the White House. The issue of the Syrian refugees and the ongoing crisis of illegal immigration has Americans on edge. It’s apparent that the administration, like its predecessors have either no intention to thwart illegal immigration or are just too incompetent or fearful to address the matter.

So for Johnson to state that all is well, is questionable. How can he be so sure when there are glaring holes in American security like the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants who continue to pour into the country? On top of all that, several Syrians with falsified credentials have been caught trying to enter the US. Is Johnson aware of this? Is Obama going to assure the people by finally nailing down on the illegal immigrant situation?

Most unlikely with the election year coming up and the need for those Latino votes. So Secretary Johnson, goodwill intended, is going to have to come up with stronger assurances if he wants the public to really be comfortable.

That all being said, this holiday season will be the most tense in years. If there are indeed attacks being planned, we’ll have to sit and wait to see if they can be thwarted just in the nick of time for ol’ St. Nick to bring those presents down the chimney.