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Homes in wealthier neighborhoods have more arthropod species inside

Homes in wealthier neighborhoods have more arthropod species inside

The study of researchers from the California Academy of Sciences and North Carolina State University was published in the in the journal Biology Letters. The scientists found out that as wealthier is home and its vicinities as more it has bugs and other arthropod species.

American researchers from California discovered that quantity of arthropod species depends on the income level of the home’s owners. The wealthy homes have much more insects than home in cheap areas. The researchers proved that by the conducting the arthropod survey of homes. In an experiment took part 50 homes from different locations throughout the Raleigh, North Carolina area.

Everyone know how obtrusive can be insects inside the home. No one minds their presence outside but having arthropod species inside the building make the owners nervous. The research showed an average quantity of invertebrates in the home in a wealthy neighborhood is 100 different species, whereas those in less cheap neighborhoods is about 50 ones.

According to the scientists, the differences in the environment outside of the homes makes the biodiversity inside the home much richer. Wealthy neighborhoods have lush gardens and parks, where likes to live and breed the arthropod species.