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Hot summer trends in jewellery: Fernando Jorge’s collection with sensual shapes

Hot summer trends in jewellery: Fernando Jorge’s collection with sensual shapes

Brazilian-born jeweller Fernando Jorge offers new collection inspired by the natural beauty of the vibrant stones like emerald, lemon quartz, and fire opal. Hot summer trends were embodied in the floral-inspired Bloom collection.

The sensual shapes of the new items from Bloom jewellery collection were created by Fernando Jorge who presented his spring/summer collection. The fun, bold designs with organically inspired forms look fine and stylish.

Jorge likes to utilise vibrant stones like endlessly exquisite emerald, yellow quartz, and fire opal, new collection designs are astounding with their delicate asymmetric and laconic style. In the centre of summer collection by Fernando Jorge is Algae pendant with pink quartz and tourmaline (see photo below), it was inspired by large tropical flower blossoms.

Fernando Jorge Algae pendant with pink quartz and tourmaline

The jeweller noted that greens and oranges are favourite colours of summer, that’s why emeralds, fire opals, and red sapphires play a leading role in the ensembles.
Fernando Jorge Bromelia earrings

The fine earrings will suit to the fashionistas with porcelain skin, the item could be worn over a kaftan dress for a summery look.
Fernando Jorge Orchidea earrings

Asymmetrical rings and earrings are the trends of the season, according to Jorge. ‘I’ve had to break some pairs of earrings to accommodate clients!’ he said.

Fernando Jorge Stream Lines Open bracelet in 18-karat gold

Gold is still Jorge’s favourite material, almost all and every item was made from the 18-karat gold. The jeweller finds this metal the most sensual one, and gold’s physical properties make it perfect to wear against the skin and its shades complement different skin tones.
Fernando Jorge Stream Drop earrings with tanzanite, lapis, and chalcedony