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How To Be A ‘Sith’ And Make Friends: The Paul Ryan Story

How To Be A ‘Sith’ And Make Friends: The Paul Ryan Story

If the United States’ story was a movie, the arch villain would definitely be new Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan.

Ryan, from Wisconsin, is behind every kind of regressive idea on the books and then some. He’s part Irish and he’s a Catholic, but you wouldn’t guess he’s a member of a Christian denomination considering what he’s endorsed as law and change regarding the American people. His presence is a clear message that the wealthy and powerful still can prop up a flunky or henchman into the high offices of government.

Maybe it’s because he’s got a family to support or maybe he’s gotten into politics too deep. They say when you lay down with dogs you get fleas, well Paul Ryan needs a flea bath.

It’s clear as a bell that Ryan is nothing more than a minion for the upper crust GOP. He knows what side of his bread is buttered and by whom. If he doesn’t play ball the way the Republicans’ want, he’ll end up back in Wisconsin having to work for a living or sponging off his family’s money.

He wants to cut the minimum wage. Even when statistics show that higher wages are beneficial to all. He offers no logic whatsoever to this and is only pandering to big business that is so greedy there are no metaphors to match. He wants to compromise Medicare into a voucher system, and turn other programs into block grants that basically gives Republican higher ups in government a slush fund to spend as they want. He wants to cut the tax rate on the wealthy and corporations. Corporations already haul in over a trillion dollars per year with foreign accounts storing assets and they make untold billions via corporate welfare that is the bulk of the citizen tax burden.

The fact that Ryan didn’t even touch the issue of corporate welfare is indicative of his true agenda and purpose.

The bottom line here is that Paul Ryan cannot be trusted. He’s obviously nothing more than the ‘go-to’ guy for the rich based Republicans and their high paying constituents.

It doesn’t stop there. He wants to cut food stamps and other programs for the poor.

He also wants to raise the retirement age. If it was any higher people would have to retire well into their next reincarnated lifetime.

Not even in popular fiction where arch criminals and global warlords dish out their sinister plans to the hero rival, none of them has come up with more sinister than Paul Ryan and his Republican ilk.

Any day we can expect Paul Ryan to push for beating up old ladies for their pensions and bingo money.

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