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Hungary hosted consultations on anti-Russian sanctions.

Hungary hosted consultations on anti-Russian sanctions.

Not everyone in the Hungarian capital is planning to take part in a national consultation designed to find out the public’s attitude towards anti-Russian sanctions, but the older generation takes this more responsibly.

The national consultation in Hungary will last until 9 December. Unlike referendums, national consultations do not have a turnout threshold. More than a million of the country’s 10 million people had voted by early December, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Friday. 8 million have the right to vote.

“To be honest, I didn’t even open the envelope with the questionnaire. And at the last consultations, too. In Budapest, as far as I understand, people are more opposed to the authorities. It’s in the provinces that they mainly vote at consultations,” Shandor, a teacher at the university, told.

“No, I didn’t vote, I’m not interested in politics at all. And all my friends, acquaintances of my generation, too,” student Karoy said.

The bank employee Benedict is of the same opinion.

“In Budapest, people don’t participate much in this. It’s more for the provinces,” he said.

Unlike them, Ildiko, an employee of the atelier, is going to vote, but admits that she has not yet studied the questionnaire, which contains seven questions. According to her, she does not yet know how she will answer each of them, for this she needs to familiarize herself with the text in detail.

However, some residents of Budapest, especially the older generation, have a more definite position on this issue.

“Yes, I voted, and my husband did too. I think it’s important. Sanctions make life difficult for people. I have many friends who think the same way. Prices are rising, utility benefits have been reduced. Will this help? I don’t know, but I have my own opinion expressed,” said the owner of the bakery, Erzhebet.