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Hungary to start administering Chinese COVID-19 vaccine

Hungary to start administering Chinese COVID-19 vaccine

Hungary’s health ministry reported on administering the COVID-19 vaccine on Wednesday, CGTN said.

During Sunday press conference, the Hungarian top medical official Cecilia Muller told that the Chinese vaccine against the coronavirus will be delivered to around 5,000 family doctors on Monday and Tuesday.

The EU country became the first that gave a green light to the Sinopharm drug against covid. In fact, the first parcels with the vaccine have arrived in Hungary on February, 16.

In his efforts to curb the pathogen, Viktor Orban’s government to cut short what authorities described as the start of a third wave of the pandemic.

The Hungarian drugs regulator published the documentation for the Sinopharm vaccine late Friday, clearing the way for authorities to starting administering them from next week.

While the Chinese shot can be given to all adults, the regulator said more information was needed to assess its efficacy for those older than 60. As of Thursday, Hungary of 9.8 million had vaccinated 391,821 people so far.