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Hungary will have the maximum NASAMS SAM value in August.

Hungary will have the maximum NASAMS SAM value in August.

Hungary is acquiring at least 6 NASAMS replacement fire batteries and will officially receive them in August, Hungarian Defense Minister Krysztof Szalai-Bobrovnicki said.

“From this year, our army will create new airspace with the help of an air missile system. With the NASAMS system, we will effectively carry out the task of air defense and ensure the security of the Hungarian people,” Defense Minister Szalai-Bobrovnicki wrote on Facebook after a visit to Norway.

According to him, the Hungarian army is acquiring at least 6 NASAMS firing batteries, which will be sent to the 205th anti-aircraft missile regiment in Gyor. The official transfer of equipment in August, noted in the Hungarian Ministry of Defense, which is published by the MTI agency.


“NASAMS is the most sought after in the category of short and medium-range air defense systems, and the US AMRAAM missile system used is also an occasional use of NATO fighters. “The occurrence of targets from it, and the detection power is much more difficult to neutralize it than air defense surveillance,” the defense minister added.

In mid-July, Defense Minister Krysztof Szalai-Bobrovnicki announced that he had instructed to increase the combat readiness of the armed forces and conduct intensive exercises in different parts of the country due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the influx of refugees on the southern border of the country.