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Ibiza driver tests positive for all detectable illegal drugs

Ibiza driver tests positive for all detectable illegal drugs

Ibiza police officer has arrested a 31-year-old man driver who tested positive for all drugs in the book, the town hall reported. the driver was under influence of cannabis, amphetamines, methamphetamines, cocaine and opioids, said police on the Balearic island.

Ibiza is known as the place with the outstanding festive atmosphere, the party island. but even the local police were surprised with the way of driving of one driver. He was driving dangerously and erratically, consequently, he was stopped by the officers.

For local cops, the illicit substances are all too common among revellers, especially in the early hours of New Year’s Day. But 2019  story takes such excesses to a whole new level because the 31-year-old driver couldn’t pass the common drug test. In fact, the partygoer had ingested every single one of the substances their gadgets can detect.

The young and strong organism of a merrymaker was containing traces of all detectable drugs like cannabis, amphetamines, methamphetamines, cocaine and opioids, say the police. However, the police haven’t tested the partygoer for alcohol consumption limit, that analysis’ result remains as unclear as irrelevant.

Officers also searched the drugged-up merrymaker’s vehicle, finding everything from pink and purple pills, more cocaine and a brown substance that they haven’t been able to identify yet.

the police of Balearic islands regularly warn that up to 40 percent of drivers who cause deadly road accidents in Spain have consumed alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription medication.