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Ideology vs Reality: Obama Is Delusional

Ideology vs Reality: Obama Is Delusional

Given the horror and reality of the Paris massacres committed by ISIS, President Obama is now faced with handling a domestic issue that pits ideology vs reality, the admission of 10,000 Syrian refugees.

Protests by Americans, including governors of many states of the union have arisen in opposition to Obama’s cry for allowing the refugees into the country. Obama justifies this by stating how we would be compromising our values should we not allow for the refugees to enter. It’s an American tradition to give safe haven to those under suppression. That’s all well and good and a great symbol of freedom and compassion, but in this instance it may not be a smart thing to do.

When news emerged that some of the ISIS terrorists in Paris had entered the country under the guise of refugees, it became clear that the tens of thousands of refugees who’ve infiltrated Europe could contain thousands of ISIS agents or people who could be compromised by ISIS. Pundits had warned Europe long before they accepted the refugees that ISIS would use them as a conduit to enter their countries and rain death, terror, and mayhem, but those warnings went ignored, and now the world may well have been thrust into World War III.

Obama has to realize, that what one wants may not be the best thing for what one needs. He needs to face reality that this is a combination of unstable situations that need controlling before continuing. If just one, just one of the refugees he wants to let in performs a terrorist act, he would have destroyed every iota of his presidential legacy and thrown further elections into the hands of the Republicans who are rising in popularity with their hardline view of ISIS.

Even now, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump is thumping the pulpit espousing how he would handle the ISIS and refugee situation. He knows Americans are scared and in times of conflict and war they’ll turn to the traditional. He’ll order mass bombings and ground troops which have proven ineffective but make a ton of money for the military industrial complex, the lifeblood of the Republican Party.

President or not, Obama and the federal government are solely responsible for protecting the American people from all threats foreign and domestic, and considering how poorly they’ve handled the overall illegal immigration issue, there’s no way Obama can project any sense of security that would satisfy the people of the United States.