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IKEA developing its first car-free store

IKEA developing its first car-free store

The Swedish furniture giant IKEA is ready to present its greenest ever store. As the official site reports, the upcoming Vienna store will have no parking spots but will be decorated with more than 100 trees.

IKEA is embracing its urban location for an upcoming store in the Austrian capital, making it completely car-free. For the furniture giant, it will be a brand new idea of the store, which will be adorned with the trees. As greener as a possible store in the world says IKEA PR-department.

According to IKEA, construction for the store began earlier this month on Mariahilferstrasse, a predominant shopping street in the city, and is expected to open in the autumn of 2021.

Among the green decoration, store in Vienna will provide on-the-day delivery services so that customers do not have to worry about carrying their purchases with them on public transport. In addition, a brand new IKEA store will have three different entrances to accommodate the needs of different customers.

IKEA green store: a totally new conception

The greenest ever store was designed by Querkraft Architekten, the inspiration for this striking structure is modelled on a bookshelf and also offers flexibility in terms of layout.

Glazed boxes expand the floor space and offer a framed view of the interior, and the openness and transparency create a welcoming environment.

The six-storey structure will host the IKEA store on the first four storeys, and the upper levels will house a 345-bed hostel, restaurants and a roof garden. A central void running from the ground level to the roof garden will connect everything together, allowing easy access to the spaces.

This store will be IKEA’s greenest one, supporting the giant’s pledge to become carbon-zero by 2030. More than half of IKEA’s climate footprint comes from materials and production processes. The Swedish firm is aiming to further curb emissions by working on reforestation projects.