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IKEA opens its museum in Sweden

IKEA opens its museum in Sweden

IKEA celebrates its anniversary, and the Ikea museum of world-famous Swedish furniture tells the story od success to its visitors. Ikea opens its museum today, on the site of the first furniture store in the small town Älmhult.

IKEA proudly present the Museum, which welcomes its first visitors today in Älmhult. The giant exposition shows designs and products, which made IKEA brand a legend. Why Amhult? It was the place where young Ingvar Kamprad (business founder) opened the store #1 in 1958. Nowadays, IKEA is a legend, its stores operate in 25 countries, and annual sales figures are more than impressive (€21.5 billion).

In fact, it is an amazing story of success, Ingvar Kamprad opened his furniture business in the 50s, and many decades aftermath he could change the style and way of thinking of furniture.

IKEA also helps people in poor countries, its humanitarian aid well-known. The IKEA Foundation prefer to work with local partners in humanitarian response and emergency preparedness. As a rule, IKEA builds partnerships in place with clear action plans that can be deployed quickly, investing in local organizations and involving beneficiaries in designing the response. Think globally, act locally!