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IKEA to boost social entrepreneurship

IKEA to boost social entrepreneurship

Sweden’s IKEA, a furniture giant, aims to triple the number of jobs created in vulnerable communities by 2025 by scaling up its social entrepreneurship business, Bloomberg News reports.

IKEA collaborates with social entrepreneurs since 2012, and the multiyear experience allows now to boost that activity. The Swedish furniture giant wants to reach 95,000 jobs by working with existing and new partners.

The initiative supports marginalized groups and women in vulnerable communities through promoting financial independence and potentially life-changing opportunities.

Normally, IKEA welcomes the handcrafted products, which also include plant pots and tool bags, are then sold in Ikea warehouses and online. By boosting such kind of entrepreneurship on a high scale across the globe, IKEA could also inspire other retailers to do the same.

“I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished, but I know that we can do much more,” said Vaishali Misra, who runs the IKEA Social Entrepreneurs Initiative.