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In Argentina, police used tear gas against protesters.

In Argentina, police used tear gas against protesters.

Argentine police on Wednesday evening used tear gas against those who disagreed with the “shock” reform of the country’s President Javier Miley, which leads to a significant increase in prices, Nacion reports.

As reported by the Nacion newspaper, citing activists, law enforcement officers even deployed a truck with a water cannon.

On Wednesday, Argentine lawmakers began considering reforms. At the same time, protesters began to gather near the Congress building. A large number of security forces were deployed to ensure security. As discussions continued, tensions began to rise outside the parliament building, with clashes between law enforcement officers and protesters.

“Activists reported to the press about ‘beatings’ and the use of ‘tear gas’ by security forces,” the publication said.

At least six people were reportedly detained as a result of clashes with security forces. According to Nacion, one of the detainees is a 30-year-old man of Chilean nationality, he has been charged with resisting and assaulting a security officer. The rest of the detainees are women. They refused to obey police orders.

In December, Miley signed an emergency decree on more than 300 reforms to liberalize the economy, they affect all areas and involve serious cuts in spending. These reforms were formalized in a package of bills sent to parliament at the end of December. The changes were discussed in various commissions of the lower house of parliament for almost a month and caused dissatisfaction among many citizens and politicians. On Wednesday, the lower house of parliament began discussing reforms.

In order for the package of bills to be adopted, the authorities decided to remove a number of articles from it. As a result, it was cut in half.

Earlier it was reported that after 11 hours of meeting, Argentine deputies announced a break in considering the president’s reforms; the discussion will resume on Thursday. Speaker of the lower house of parliament Martin Menem noted that consideration of reforms could take 3-4 days.