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In France, a Turkish man injured a hairdresser from the Kurdish community.

In France, a Turkish man injured a hairdresser from the Kurdish community.

A Turkish man was taken into custody on Tuesday after he stabbed a hairdresser in the northern French commune of Roubaix with scissors.

“The incident took place on Sunday afternoon at a hairdresser’s in the commune of Roubaix in the Nord department in northern France between a client and a hairdresser. He was stabbed in the throat, but his life is no longer in danger,” the sources said.

It is reported that a 47-year-old man attacked a hairdresser because national Kurdish music was playing in the salon.
He was arrested on charges of “attempted murder.”

A 27-year-old Iraqi Kurdish hairdresser who was stabbed several times with a pair of scissors by the attacker has been operated on.

It is noted that the attacker was already known to the police.

The attack comes two days after a 69-year-old man opened fire on a street near a Kurdish cultural center in the 10th arrondissement on Friday, killing three Kurds. He later attributed his actions to racism and pathological hatred of foreigners.

On Saturday, a Kurdish demonstration in the French capital escalated into clashes with law enforcement officers. They began to block the streets, and the police used tear gas to disperse the crowd. Later, the protesters began to break bus stops, overturn cars, set fire to garbage cans. They also removed cobblestones from the road pavement to pelt the police with them. As a result, on Saturday, 11 people were detained during the riots in the French capital, more than 30 law enforcement officers were injured.