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In France, farmers blocked the logistics center of a supermarket chain.

In France, farmers blocked the logistics center of a supermarket chain.

About 20 farmers in southeastern France blocked the logistics center of the Casino supermarket chain, despite a decline in protests by farmers across the country, BFMTV reported on Monday.

“About 20 farmers are blocking the logistics platform of Casino supermarkets in (the commune of) Aix-en-Provence,” the TV channel said in a statement.

It is noted that the action began at three o’clock in the morning local time, protesters are preventing trucks with goods from entering and leaving. The farmers called the measures announced by the government to support agricultural workers insufficient and intend to continue the demonstration as long as necessary, BFMTV reports.

Last Friday, French farmers, who had been blocking roads around Paris for several days, began lifting blockades after the authorities announced new support measures; later it was reported that most blocked roads across the country had been unblocked. On Saturday it became known that law enforcement officers had evacuated the last two blockades organized by the third largest farmers’ union, Confédération paysanne (“Peasant Confederation”).

Previously, the organization had announced its intention to continue the protests, despite the cessation of actions by two other leading trade unions, FNSEA and Jeunes Agriculteurs (Young Farmers).


In France, farmer protests have gained momentum in recent weeks. Protesters blocked key highways, blocking traffic with tractors, haystacks and piles of manure. Farmers also bombarded prefectures and government buildings with manure and waste. They demanded recognition of the importance of their activities and condemned government policies in the agricultural sector, which, in their opinion, make them uncompetitive. In particular, farmers opposed the import of agricultural products, restrictions on the use of water for irrigation, increasing the cost of diesel fuel, as well as restrictive measures to protect the environment and the growing financial burden on production.