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In Greece, a train with American tanks derailed.

In Greece, a train with American tanks derailed.

A train loaded with military equipment from the US Army derailed near the port of Alexandroupolis in northern Greece.

The incident happened on Friday morning.

“The train derailed just outside the city port, in the area of ​​the French Station. Cranes and other equipment arrived at the scene to return the train to the tracks, as well as police forces,” the portal of the Communist Party of Greece reports.

“We are talking about tanks, armored vehicles and containers that were recently unloaded at the port for the US military and headed for the NATO border. However, it is worth noting that the port of Alexandroupolis, according to US officials, was used by the Americans and NATO to transport weapons to Ukraine,” — is noted in the message.

It is noted that the incident caused concern among the residents of the area, who are constantly watching how military equipment is moved, while no one knows about the contents of closed containers crossing the urban development of Alexandroupolis.

Several members of the KKE and the “Communist Youth of Greece” held a symbolic protest at the scene, next to train cars loaded with US military equipment. They shouted the slogans “Alexandroupolis is a port of the peoples, not a stronghold of the imperialists“, “No participation in the war in Ukraine“, “Let the military bases and the Americans get out.” The protesters said that the transformation of the port and the city into a military base for US and NATO forces carries numerous dangers.

“Near our homes, with our workplaces, dangerous military materials are transported that pose a threat to our security, which, unfortunately, today’s accident confirms. Tanks and other military equipment are being transported near our homes and enterprises,” said the member of the Central Committee and Secretary of the Committee of the KKE in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Dionisis Kladis.