Today: Wednesday, 28 February 2024 year

In Italy, farmers staged protests using agricultural machinery.

In Italy, farmers staged protests using agricultural machinery.

Protesting farmers from Italy carried out several runs on agricultural machinery in various areas of the country, joining the demonstrations of colleagues from France and Germany.

In the province of Perugia in the central region of Umbria, farmers drove through the streets of the suburb of Assisi. According to the organizers, less than a hundred people took part in the action. In the Abruzzo region, a convoy of at least 30 vehicles appeared on a highway. Similar performances on tractors and other agricultural machinery took place in Sicily, Tuscany and the capital Lazio. Farmers oppose the EU’s Green Deal, which involves the introduction of a huge number of new restrictive measures at the legislative level, and demand protection in the face of the appearance of synthetic food on the European market.

In France, farmer protests have been gaining momentum in recent weeks. Since Thursday, they have been blocking key highways, blocking traffic with tractors, haystacks and piles of manure. Highways are blocked in the area of ​​large cities such as Toulouse, Strasbourg, Lyon, Bordeaux, as well as Calais, Beauvais and others. Protesters warned that protests would soon reach Paris.

Farmers also throw waste at prefectural and local government buildings. The leading agricultural trade union FNSEA announced an indefinite extension of the actions, which by the end of the week will cover 85 of the country’s 96 departments.

On Wednesday, Polish farmers staged a massive protest across the country. They have two main postulates. The first is a protest against the import of goods from Ukraine and other non-EU countries. The second is the revision of the Common Agricultural Policy – the EU norms and strategy in the field of agricultural development.

Plans to abolish subsidies for farmers also caused mass protests by farmers in Germany.