Today: Saturday, 25 May 2024 year

In Kosovo, one of the attackers on the police was eliminated.

Police in the self-proclaimed Republic of Kosovo reported the killing of one of the attackers in the north of the region, where one Kosovo Albanian policeman was previously killed and another was wounded.

The police of the self-proclaimed republic previously reported that they were searching for the attackers of their employees in the north of the region. According to the Kosovo Ministry of Internal Affairs, at about 2.40 on a bridge near the village of Bansko, two trucks without license plates blocked the entrance. Police dispatched there were fired upon by unknown assailants, reportedly using hand grenades and grenade launchers. Two employees were shot and taken to hospital in southern Mitrovica, where one died.

“Prime Minister” of the self-proclaimed Republic of Kosovo Albin Kurti said that police surrounded 30 armed attackers in the north of the province and called on them to surrender.

“A significant number of professional attackers in masks and various uniforms, heavily armed, with grenades, hand grenade launchers, with armored vehicles, using various objects, including the surroundings of the Banska monastery for movement and shelter, shoot at police officers,” the department reported on social networks.

“Police units, in accordance with the situation and the danger posed by attacks by criminal groups, in self-defense and protection of citizens in the area, are forced to respond to armed criminal groups, according to current information, one of the attackers has been killed,” the statement said.

The police of the self-proclaimed republic indicated that for security reasons they closed the Jarine and Brnjak checkpoints in the north of the region.
The Serbian Orthodox Church’s Rasko-Prizren diocese said on Sunday that armed men in an armored vehicle had invaded the territory of the medieval Orthodox monastery of Banjska.
The President of self-proclaimed Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, and Prime Minister Albin Kurti, earlier on social networks, accused “Serbian criminal groups” of attacking police officers.

The Office for Kosovo and Metohija under the Government of Serbia reported earlier that unknown persons threw grenades into the courtyards of three representatives of the Serbian List party in Kosovo and Metohija on the night of September 22, in what Belgrade believes was a Kosovo Albanian attempt at intimidation.