Today: Tuesday, 5 March 2024 year

In northern Yemen, mobilization has begun to send fighters to the Gaza Strip.

In northern Yemen, mobilization has begun to send fighters to the Gaza Strip.

The authorities of northern Yemen, where the Shiite Ansar Allah movement (Houthis) rules, are conducting a general popular mobilization to prepare fighters to participate in hostilities on the side of the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip, said Ansar Allah Politburo member Khuzam al-Assad.

“As for the general popular mobilization in support of our people in the Gaza Strip, it was launched in all governorates, training camps were opened, tens of thousands of young people volunteered to learn military skills, several groups have already graduated in various governorates of Yemen,” he noted.

A representative of the Houthi leadership emphasized that “this people’s army is called upon to support our people in Gaza, who are being subjected to genocide by the Israeli occupation army with the support of the United States, if there are conditions and opportunities to reach the Gaza Strip and take part in military operations.”

Speaking about the possibility of participation of reservists undergoing training in military operations on the side of the authorities of northern Yemen, al-Assad indicated that this is not necessary, since “the Republic of Yemen has a regular army and developed military potential.”

Earlier, Bloomberg, citing sources familiar with the situation, reported that the United States and its allies were considering the possibility of striking Houthi rebel positions in Yemen to eliminate the threat to the vital waterway.

Earlier, Pentagon Chief Lloyd Austin announced the launch of the international Operation Guardian of Prosperity to ensure the safety of navigation in the Red Sea in light of the increasing attacks by the Houthis, who are trying to prevent the passage of ships to Israeli ports, demanding the free delivery of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip and an end to the bombing.

The ruling Ansar Allah (Houthi) movement in northern Yemen, which controls most of Yemen’s Red Sea coast, previously warned of its intention to attack any ships linked to Israel, calling on other countries to recall their crews from them and not to approach them at sea. A number of shipping companies have decided to suspend transportation through the Red Sea. Energy companies BP and Equinor also announced a decision to suspend tanker transportation of petroleum products across the Red Sea.