Today: Monday, 26 February 2024 year

In Peru, bandits attacked the Poderosa mine.

In Peru, bandits attacked the Poderosa mine.

A group of armed criminals attacked the mine of the Minera Poderosa mining company in the Peruvian region of La Libertad, took hostages and detonated explosives in the face, leading to the death of nine people, seven people were arrested at the scene, the national police said in a blog on the social network X.

“A group of armed criminals raided the facilities of the Minera Poderosa company, located in the province of Patas, La Libertad region, severely violating the internal security of the enterprise and taking four people hostage. In this reprehensible act, the persons entered the mine using explosive devices, which, unfortunately, led to the death of nine people and injuries to 15 people,” the statement said.

After receiving the alarm, police special forces and investigators were sent to the mine. Security forces detained seven attackers at the scene and confiscated the remaining weapons and ammunition.

According to local media, the attack was carried out by illegal miners allegedly associated with the Venezuelan gang Aragua Train. According to another version, these were the killers they hired, who thus responded to periodic raids by government services against illegal mining.