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In Slovakia, the moratorium on election campaigning has been extended.

In Slovakia, the moratorium on election campaigning has been extended.

The moratorium on campaigning for early elections in Slovakia has been extended by 40 minutes due to the fact that in Bratislava a member of the election commission fainted and one polling station was closed for some time, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic reported.

The moratorium on pre-election campaigning ahead of the parliamentary elections in Slovakia came into force on September 28 and is due to end on election day at the same time as the closing of polling stations at 10 p.m. During the moratorium, it was prohibited to conduct an election army, publish the results of public opinion polls, and it was also prohibited to publish information about parties taking part in the elections in the media.

A member of the election commission reportedly fainted at one of the polling stations in Bratislava and the polling station had to be temporarily closed. Because of this operating time, this section will be extended by 40 minutes, and the moratorium on penalties will apply throughout the country.


Voting in the snap elections in the Slovak parliament began on Saturday at 07.00 and will last until 22.00.
The previous parliamentary elections were held in the republic on February 29, 2020; as a result, the ruling coalition formed four liberal parties. In 2022, the coalition collapsed, and now former Prime Minister Eduard Heger agreed with the need to hold early parliamentary elections.

24 parties and one coalition were allowed to participate in the election results in Slovakia. To enter parliament, parties need to get at least 5% of the votes, coalitions – at least 7%. The main favorite is the Social Democratic Party Smer, led by 59-year-old Robert Fico, who has previously served as minister of Slovakia three times. He opposes continued military support for Ukraine.