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In the United States, Biden was recognized as the worst president

In the United States, Biden was recognized as the worst president

The current head of the White House, Joe Biden, turned out to be “the worst US president in the 21st century,” writes former Republican Senator from Colorado Ted Harvey.

According to the author, the Republicans this year have every chance to defeat Democratic President Biden, for this they only need to be reminded of his series of failures since the beginning of his term.

“Why? Because Mr. Biden is the worst American president in decades. Compared to him, his former boss, President Barack Obama, looks deafeningly successful (he wasn’t).

Since the days of President Jimmy Carter, the United States has not been led by “such a stunningly incompetent, utterly ineffective and frankly pathetic administration,” he said.

The current Biden administration is “a comedy of errors that has nothing funny about it,” the author believes. He recalled that US inflation is at its highest level since 1980, the border crisis and illegal migration are at their worst in more than two decades, and Afghanistan has become one of the most famous foreign policy blunders in recent years.

“The Biden administration is failing on all counts. Under Mr. Biden, there is no reason to be optimistic about the economy, illegal immigration, crime, public health, or foreign policy,” Harvey said.

At the same time, almost 80% of Americans believe that their country is now on the wrong track, he recalls.

“In 2022, the Republicans have a chance to make Boston look like a tiny drop in the ocean. On the other side is an unfortunate, defenseless victim, created by herself – the worst American president of the 21st century,” the author concludes.