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in the United States urged to stop making excuses for Biden’s mistakes

in the United States urged to stop making excuses for Biden’s mistakes

A number of crises that occurred under Joe Biden are mostly the fault of the American leader himself, and new trials await the country ahead. This opinion was expressed by TV presenter Stuart Varney.

Supporters of the President of the United States often argue that many of the problems, in particular, inflation, rising fuel prices and the crisis on the border with Mexico, did not happen because of him. However, Varney recalled that it was Biden who ended the energy independence of the United States when he went along with climate advocates.

The situation at the border is also the work of the head of state, since he not only failed to prevent an increase in the flow of migrants, but also legislatively facilitated their entry into the country. On inflation, Biden is “wasting trillions” while appointing incompetent employees to finance departments, Varney said.

“This is not leadership, but some kind of deviation and the search for excuses. And this causes very strong concern, since the three big problems that Biden is trying to distance himself from, apparently, will only get worse,” the TV presenter said.

He suggested that inflation in the United States could rise to ten percent and gasoline prices to six dollars a gallon. Summing up, Varney emphasized that the responsibility for the coming recession and the next influx of migrants lies with Biden, as long as he remains the head of state.