Today: Wednesday, 21 February 2024 year

In Turkey, the air temperature rose to 47 degrees.

In Turkey, the air temperature rose to 47 degrees.

The air temperature rose to 47 degrees in the Turkish province of Diyarbakir in the southeast of the country, the streets were empty, the restaurant business is suffering heavy losses.

Turkey has been gripped by another wave of heat since Sunday, in some provinces the temperature has risen above 46 degrees, experts urge not to go outside unless absolutely necessary.

“In Diyarbakir, restaurants remain empty due to hot weather exceeding the seasonal norm. Residents of the province prefer not to go out during the day. When the thermometers rise to 47 degrees, restaurants also suffer due to a lack of customers,” local media write.

One of the restaurant managers said that the above-seasonal temperatures affected their business as well.

“Going outside during these hours is not very healthy. We try not to embarrass our customers as much as possible. We take them indoors or outdoors depending on suitable weather conditions and we believe that we succeed. When the temperature air is high, this affects the business of many establishments. Citizens prefer places with cooler weather,” he said.