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Indian leaders head to the Vatican for Mother Teresa’s canonization

Indian leaders head to the Vatican for Mother Teresa’s canonization

Mother Theresa, the Nobel Peace Prize-winning nun, is a personality, which inspired many people around the globe. This amazing woman has devoted her life to serving others. That is why the Roman Catholic Church is ready for her canonization. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying “it is natural for every Indian to take pride” in her sainthood.

Indian leaders head to the Vatican on September 4th, which is Mother Teresa’s canonization date. Pope Francis prepares to declare Mother Teresa a saint of the Roman Catholic Church, so, many top officials from many countries are heading now to Vatican to witness Mother Theresa’s canonization. Such a profound and sincere respect is underlining her popularity in her adopted home.

The nun from Macedonia will be named a saint less than two decades after her death, that’s an extremely short period for such kind of procedure. Vatican decided to fast-track Mother Theresa’s canonization, normally, a process that can take centuries.

Theresa arrived in India in 1929, becoming a citizen in 1951. Ahead of Mother Teresa’s canonization, Banerjee kicked off preparations in Kolkata with the unveiling of a life-size figure of the nun in the city on August 26, her 106th birth anniversary.