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Indian police have been urged not to use drones against farmers.

Indian police have been urged not to use drones against farmers.

Authorities in the Indian state of Punjab have called on authorities in the neighboring state of Haryana not to use drones to drop tear gas shells to disperse farmers protesting at the state border, the New Indian Express reports.

“Patiala Deputy Commissioner of Punjab State Showkat Ahmed Parray has written to the Deputy Commissioner of Ambala in Haryana asking them not to send their drones into Punjab’s Shambha, which is located near Ambala,” the newspaper reported, citing a senior official.

Farmer unions had earlier called for a march on the Indian capital to draw the government’s attention to their demands, particularly the adoption of a law ensuring a minimum support price for crops – a guaranteed buyback by the government of crops at a pre-announced price to support farmers if the price of their crops falls production falls below market value.

On Tuesday, farmers clashed with police in the village of Shambhu, which lies on the border of the states of Haryana and Punjab and is located about 200 kilometers from Delhi. Police used tear gas and water cannons against farmers who tried to break through police barricades. The farmers alleged that a drone dropped several tear gas canisters on them while they were in Punjab.

The Haryana Police, on the other hand, said that tear gas was used to control the situation when farmers started pelting stones at the police personnel.