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Innovation: Earplugs with noise suppression control

Innovation: Earplugs with noise suppression control

The innovative earplugs presented by the startup River LLC can decrease background noise in workplaces, which could be very distracting and have an impact on productivity.

Veer Earplugs earplugs do not require charging and are waterproof. Secondly, they designed for those whose performance is affected by background noise.

Amid the lockdown, people have to work from home where there are a lot of distractions, including noise. That can be very annoying, taking into account the rising importance of home workplace’s productivity and accuracy.

Even in the common office, there is enough distracting noise – from printers constantly operating to phones ringing. To get rid of that non-stop problem, startup River LLC offers innovative earplugs. Its passive noise cancellation reached by a special mechanism inside the body that allows the change of the aperture ratio.

The Veer Earplugs is fitted with a noise cancellation controller, allowing the user to suppress the noise in their surroundings within the range of 5 to 40 dB.

Veer Earplugs doesn’t need any electronics, it doesn’t create complete silence but make the ambient noise more comfortable to endure and much less harmful. The earplugs, thus, becomes an optimal solution, effective and comfortable.

The miniature earplug also includes a sound effuser, which retains audibility when the aperture is open. This eliminates the necessity of taking them out if the user needs to talk to someone or answer a phone call.

The Veer Earplugs are made from a super-soft silicone that is comfortable to wear all day, and the kit comes in several sizes for different ears. Besides, it does not create a vacuum feel, as the tip is spiral-shaped and lets your ear breathe.

The first 500 pairs of Veer Earplugs are sold out, but they are still available to pre-order for €42 and are expected to be shipped out this month.