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Instagram enables soon the anti-harassment tools

Instagram enables soon the anti-harassment tools

Online harassment is a huge problem, and Instagram enables soon the set of anti-harassment tools. Just set them up and enjoy the photo service. According to the Pew Research Center, about 40 percent of all people on the web have a bitter experience — harassment and dirty comments. Many of them in Instagram you can avoid, just set the needed options.

Instagram enables its own bunch of the anti-harassment tools in order to combat harassment on the photo-sharing platform. Popular users with the big volume content threads can filter their comment streams. The settings are so flexible, so you can block the comment at all.

If you decided to leave the comments in your account, please, create a black list of the banned words. That will be a signal for the bot to turn off the phase with the banned word(s). How to finish your settings? Please, scroll down for the screenshot of the settings’ page. Nothing overcomplicated, the page will look like for business accounts in a month:


The idea of enabling people to block comments backs in 2013, actually.