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Instagram: from frivolous camera app to powerful marketing channel

Instagram: from frivolous camera app to powerful marketing channel

Instagram is a mobile-first app with 98% of users exclusively accessing it on mobile devices, it has transformed from the silly camera app to the serious marketing channel within one year. 

A mobile-first content brought many changes in the life of internet users and marketing directors. Jim Squires, an Instagram’s product marketing director, said that more than 70% of Insta users follow at least one business, and businesses have posted a third of the most-viewed Instagram Stories so far.

To be a marketing channel – that is the niche for Instagram, which was started as an camersa application for youth and teens. Several year after, snap-happy social network has transformed to the powerful marketing tool for millenials. The bosses of Instagram believes that the potential of such kind of their application is extremely perspective.

Instagram as a business/marketing tool

According to Pew Research, 59 percent of Instagram users are aged 18 to 29, and 31 percent earn more than USD$75,000. So that’s the coveted millennial market, soon to simply be ‘your primary market’, coupled with some serious purchasing power.

Then there is Instagram’s engagement rate – at 4.3 percent it is ten times that of Facebook and 84 times that of Twitter. It goes without saying that having the full Facebook monetisation machine behind it hasn’t hurt the network, with more than 500,000 advertisers attracted so far.

These are being rewarded with higher conversion. According to two Instagram Case Studies, saw a 2.5 times return on ad spend using the platform and Sprite Mexico garnered an 18-point lift in ad recall.