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Iran, Afghanistan agree to renovate cross-border posts

Iran, Afghanistan agree to renovate cross-border posts

Afghan and Iranian deputy foreign ministers have agreed to solve border questions solely through a joint border committee. Renovation of cross-border posts will be accelerated.

Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for International and Legal Affairs Mohsen Baharvand and Afghanistan’s Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Meerwais Nab met on April 1. The two officials have discussed the latest developments in the region and decided to renovate the cross-border posts.

The meeting took place at the Dogharoon-Islam Qala border, northeast of Iran, IRNA has learned. The two officials visited the process of border customs posts renovation and reviewed issues related to transit and traffic.

In addition, a joint border committee will be established for finding a solution to border issues.

On April 1st, the Afghan and Iranian diplomats exchanged views about the importance of the development of trade, efforts to organize refugees commute, fight against trafficking of humans and narcotics, combat international terrorism and dispatch of humanitarian aid to alleviate sufferings of natural disasters.