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Iran calls for effective support for Afghan military, security forces

Iran calls for effective support for Afghan military, security forces

Iran’s Ambassador to the United Nations Majid Takht Ravanchi raised a question of additional support for Afghan military and security forces when the coalition troops leave the country.

Iran expressed concern at the UN Security Council’s meeting on Afghanistan on June 22, saying due to the complete withdrawal of the foreign forces from Afghanistan, the country has faced a dilemma. A more secure, stable and wealthier Afghanistan will benefit the country, its people, its neighbours and the world.

The Iranian diplomat added that if all sides agree to hold talks and halt years of bloodshed, reconciliation can happen; but if one side tries to compel others to accept peace by force, it will fail.

Commenting on the current situation due to NATO withdrawal, the international community should not let the latter occur because it would not be the real peace and would not be sustainable either.

In addition, Takht Ravanchi stated process of peace should start in Afghanistan with the help of the United Nations, and such a process should basically serve a sustainable peace.

Afghanistan should revive its economy

The Taliban has no excuse for bullying, but the process of peace will be successful only if it is supported strongly. According to a diplomat, Iran still calls on the UN to play a leading role in the intra-Afghan peace process of talks.

Regarding the critical security situation in Afghanistan, Ambassador Ravanchi condemned terrorist attacks on religious minorities, women and girls in Afghanistan. Although sustainable peace should be seriously followed up in Afghanistan, economic development in that country should not be ignored, the ambassador underlined.

Iran has stood by Afghanistan, the Iranian diplomat added, according to the MEMO.