Today: Thursday, 25 April 2024 year

Iran Claims U.S. Using Sex And Money As A Weapons

It wouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that Iran’s Supreme Leader, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei would say something as controversial that the United States has been using sex and money to infiltrate the Iranian culture in order to upend it.

Khamenei told his Revolutionary Guard commanders to watch out for lures of sex and money that could undermine the Iranian government which he rules with an iron fist. On the other hand, the president of the coutnry disagrees due to the crack down on critical journalists whom the Khamenei officers have been arresting, beating up, imprisoning, and killing. There’s no room for anyone with an alternate opinion when it comes to the hardlined viewpoints of the theocratic hierarchy of Iran’s government.

Blaming the U.S., for undermining the Iranian people is a long call, but it has happened in the past. American intelligence agencies are renowned for such activities as are most of, if not all of the intelligence groups from every country in the world. It’s an organized crime tactic. Get the officials eating out of your hands with prostitutes, sex crime black mail, bribes, payoffs, and you instantly have a foothold and handhold in the decision making process of any body of government or law enforcement, religion, or group.

Humans are faulty and Khamenei knows this but he’s not provided solid proof to his claims. It wouldn’t surprise anyone to see if proof did emerge but for now he’s got to put up or shut up.

This is how corruption takes place in any government. Weak officials who lack virtues let others compromise them. Black mail aka extortion is indeed the #1 bargaining chip in the world. There are officials that would wage wars based on threats of black mail than have their wives find out they’ve had affairs and vice versa. It’s a part of the daily headlines and Khamenei is fully aware of how this game is played.

So for now, he’s barking at the world but he’s got to make his bite work. In order to do that, he’ll have to have his detectives and security forces dig up more than one person who will testify that they’re getting support from the U.S., or that they’re working for American government agencies. That will be tough as anyone who is would be disavowed at the drop of a hat. What Khamenei is going to need are patterns that lead to the evidence that such operations are going on. He can do it knowing his brutal methods of arrest, detention, and information extraction. We’re talking about a country that still uses medieval forms of torture to punish and squeeze information from people. At some point, if it’s there, they’ll find it and exploit it to the hilt thus embarrassing the U.S., and its allies.

If there’s nothing there, the ayatollah will be sitting on a lot of hot air that he’s been blowing and people will lose respect for his authority which at this point in Iranian history, he cannot afford or he’ll be the one on the bad end of those medieval tortures.