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Iran congratulates Lebanon on formation of new government

Iran congratulates Lebanon on formation of new government

Iran voiced full support for the new Lebanese government led by Hassan Diab.

Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi has congratulated Lebanon with the formation of the new Cabinet. In a statement on Sunday, Mr Mousavi hailed the Lebanese politicians political will and their drive in the shaping the new government.

The Iranian diplomat has also expressed delight at the consultations among the Lebanese groups and their consensus on a new ruling body. As Mr Moravi stressed in the congratulatory statement, the formation of a government under pressure of the regional and international circumstances wasn’t an easy task. Furthermore, that approach proves the will of the Lebanese people to stride forward and shows a positive step in resolving Lebanese issues.

Congratulating the Lebanese people with the new Cabinet, the Iranian officials expressed the hope Hassna Diab’s Cabinet will fulfill the demands of common people who have won great glories in resistance and perseverance “in the face of occupation, bullying and the hegemony”/

“The Islamic Republic of Iran hopes that the new Lebanese government, which has been formed on the basis of the will of the people, could overcome all challenges in light of solidarity and strengthened national unity, and would carry out its plans for the inclusive progress and development of Lebanon and for creating security and welfare,” he added.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman finally voiced full support for a new government led by Hassan Diab and reaffirmed the Islamic Republic of Iran’s readiness to further broaden relations between Tehran and Beirut.