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Iran ready to resume tension-easing talks with Saudi Arabia

Iran ready to resume tension-easing talks with Saudi Arabia

Iran has announced its readiness to take part in the next round of tension-easing talks with Saudi Arabia brokered by Iraq. 

The Iranian foreign minister on Thursday announced Tehran presented “a set of practical proposals” to Saudi Arabia, which were viewed “positively” by the kingdom. That opens bright perspectives for paving the way for the next round of talks in Baghdad, said Iraqi top diplomat.

For the two long-time adversaries, Saudi Arabia and Iran, restoring diplomatic ties remains an important issue. In fact, the preparation has begun in April, were stalled following the general elections in Iraq in October.

Iran’s foreign minister said his country is ready to facilitate visits of technical delegations to make necessary preparations for the normalization of diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia, but hastened to add that it has not yet been determined “at what stage” of the ongoing talks will such a development take place.

Amir-Abdollahian also noted that Tehran last week received the Saudi government’s approval on visas for three Iranian diplomats who will be based at the headquarters of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Jeddah.

Iran, Saudi Arabia are preparing the talks to ease the tensions

Iran’s foreign minister further said Tehran was waiting for the response of Saudi authorities on what he called the “delayed repatriation” of the Iranian envoy to the Houthis in Yemen, YeniSafak has learned.

Iraq’s top diplomat added that Saudi Arabia and the US had “cooperated” in transferring the Iranian envoy to Tehran from Yemen, expressing gratitude to them.

Fuad Hussein went on to say that the time had come for “direct talks” between Tehran and Washington on the 2015 nuclear deal and removal of sanctions, offering to mediate it.

Meanwhile, Mora in a tweet on Thursday announced that the eighth round of talks in Vienna would resume on Dec. 27, after the Christmas holidays, “to discuss and define the way forward.”